Use of Marks

& Market Share Growth

Published on March 26, 2020

Marks Lift.png

When #brands partner with teams and effectively use their marks, the brand gains between 17 to 21% market share over competitors among that team’s fans.

Overall, among the 11 National Football League (NFL) members in Wakefield Research Partners, the 132 brands measured improved their positions versus competitors by double-digits on the key performance indicators below.

The use of all other assets–venue concourse/gates, in-bowl, scoreboard, on-field, TV & radio broadcast, digital & social, and events–produce sold gains. But when fans see the use of marks, gains increase by about 50% compared to using the rest of the team’s assets.

Brands that perform best in 2020 will invest in partnership marketing that takes full advantage of the team’s use of marks, since these can be used on broadcast, digital, social, in-store, print, and elsewhere even if no one is in the stands.

Like my friend Gary Keller shared with me years ago after the 2009 economic and real estate downturn: “While everyone else was contracting we expanded.” Keller Williams Realty, Inc. blew past the competition to become the second largest realty firm in 2011 and now is the largest. What will you do?