Can't Miss Recall for Sponsorship Activation

Published on March 8, 2019

The most important goal of sponsorship activation is to clearly link the brand with the property in the mind of fans. Without clear recall of the partnership, nothing else matters.

Brands with high recall produce activation elements fans can’t miss. They bring the brand alive in the minds of fans in a way that clearly connects with the team in an unmistakable way.

Since we travel to plenty of games in many places, we will post examples we see of activation elements we could not miss. Check back from time to time for new Can’t Miss Recall sponsorship activation examples.

Toyota @Rockies

Toyota partnerships typically fully integrate the use of marks and make the product the hero of their activation models. In addition to fixed signage assets, the product placement makes it impossible to miss when attending and difficult to miss during broadcasts. Partners know the brand is activated in the minds of fans when fans voluntarily stop to photograph and geek out over the display.


JetBlue @BarclaysCenter

JetBlue engages fans where they are, doing what they do, with can’t miss branding and clever, memorable messaging.


Honda @BrooklynNets

Honda attracts interest but not engagement. This branded space does little to invite people in. The activation elements on the wall help–and fans may recall Honda–but what could be done to more actively engage fans in the space? Compare the people in this branded space with the next one @Yankees.

AT&T @Yankees​


Coca-Cola @Redwings

The interactive augmented reality by Coke captures fans as they walk down the corridor at Little Caeser’s Arena. Check it out.

Chevrolet @Redwings

The good and the bad: The good is that if you’re in the arena at intermission you can’t miss this Chevrolet competition and branding with the vehicles on the ice. The bad? Look at how many are in their seats during intermission.

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