About You

Like you, members identify with our purpose to instill integrity and transparency in the research process to provide reliable and valid reports to brands who partner with properties.

You know sponsorships work. Together we are committed to using an unbiased, scientific approach to report how well it’s working.

You are convinced properties must measure what they sell to brands. You know this goes beyond reach and frequency data. You know brands are ideas partners activate in the minds of fans to change consumer attitudes and actions.

In community, members of Wakefield Research Partners root for the welfare of four groups:

  1. The fans,

  2. The team,

  3. The brand, and

  4. The business team that develops, activates, and executes effective partnership strategies.

You want to give back. You want to make a difference.

TOMS Shoes One-for-One business model donates a pair of shoes for every one they sell. Warby Parker does the same with eye wear. Uncommongoods donates $1 to a participating partner with every purchase you make. Build-A-Bear Foundation donates over $50 million in grants to support local organizations. Ivory Ella gives 10% of annual profits toward saving elephants, among other charities.

In the same way, as a member of our community, you help us give back. We donate 10% of annual profits to charity. We support local efforts to unite the community across cultural lines. We seek opportunities to support those organizations who want to bring people together in peace and harmony.

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